“Barnett Shoals Elementary is devoted to recognizing students’ individual dignity and diversity in a rapidly changing global environment.”

The Barnett Shoals community stretches from Barnett Shoals Road (where our school is located) all the way down Gaines School Road and ends at Lexington Road. This area is a mosaic of differing cultures, ethnic groups, languages, and socioeconomic statuses. Our school offers resources to teachers who specialize in special education, ESOL, and speech-language therapy so that each one of our students has access to an equal education.
Our school is very close to a variety of restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, coffee houses, and other businesses geared towards our community. Taking a closer look at the location of the businesses within our community, we have noticed that there is a great divide between old and new. If you start at the end of Barnett Shoals and drive towards Lexington, you will see a dramatic shift in the appearance of buildings. At first, you will see newer homes and businesses, such as Kroger, De Palma’s Italian Restaurant, and Two Story Coffee House. By the time you cross over onto Gaines School Road, you see much older structures, such as Dollar General, Choo Choo’s, and the old Barrow Elementary School building. Why do you think this is the case?

For example, let’s look at the grocery stores. Go to the “Let’s Go Shopping” tab to see prices of products from each of the grocery stores in our community. Do you see a correlation between the newer stores (Kroger and Publix) versus the older stores (Dollar General and Walmart) and their prices?

Not only are there shopping centers and restaurants in this community but also other businesses such as banks, medical related offices,realty offices, hair salons, a farmers market, and so much more.  If you needed to obtain a job, these businesses could potentially hire you and that would allow you to work close to home.  Of course, in order to get a job, you would need to have the right qualifications.  Go to the “Help Wanted” tab to see what jobs are available in your area and determine if you meet any of the requirements for the jobs listed.



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