“Help Wanted!” Invitation

In this activity, we will look at different help wanted ads and think about what requirements exist to get the job. Every group will receive two different help wanted ads to look at and discuss. Look at the skills and experience needed for the job and the salary which comes with the job. While looking at the ads, please try to keep in mind the different ideas about scarcity, goods, services, and spending that we have been learning this week. Please discuss your thoughts with your tablemates. Also, be sure to write down your thoughts! After everyone has had the chance to look at the ads and talk with their classmates, we will talk about our thoughts and findings together as a class.

While looking at the Help Wanted ads, think about…

  • Do you need a college degree? Do you need any special training?
  • How much money would you earn in one month?
  • How does the amount of schooling needed influence a person’s pay?
  • How might the amount of your paycheck influence your spending?

Materials needed:

  • Help Wanted ads with salary and job requirements added
  • Students will use their own paper and pencil to record their thoughts

Below is the link for the Classified Ads to be used in the invitation:

Classified Ads


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