“Let’s Go Shopping!” Invitation

Let’s Go Shopping!

        For this activity, we will look at the prices of everyday products which families buy often. These products (bread, apples, and toilet paper) come in different brands from various grocery stores. Look at the pictures attached and think about the differences in cost of the products both from brand to brand and from store to store. Compare and contrast the prices, brands, and stores. Please discuss your thoughts with your tablemates. Also, be sure to write down your thoughts! After everyone has had the chance to look at the price tags and talk with their classmates, we will talk about our thoughts and findings together as a class.

While looking at the price tags think about….

How does a product’s brand name affect its price?
How does the store influence the price?
Why do you think the prices are different?

Click on the links below to see the goods from each grocery store!

Dollar General Grocery Prices
Walmart Grocery Prices
Publix Grocery Prices
Kroger Grocery Prices


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